Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 268, September 25

It is Sunday, the Sabbath for many people around the world. The Sabbath has always been a day of reflection for me. As I take the Sacrament, I renew the covenants I made with the Lord. I also vow to try to do better--in everything.
I don't work on my writing on Sunday. That is for the other six days of the week. Following church, I write letters to family and friends. If I'm lucky, I see my children and grandchildren.
When I was younger, I occasionally chafed at what I saw as the restrictions placed upon me on Sundays. Looking back, I am grateful to my parents for teaching me that the Sabbath was a special day, where we dress differently and do different things than we do on other days.
In the Lord's language, the Sabbath is a day of rest. Members of our church know that we do not rest literally; rather, we rest from worldly labors. How wonderful is the Lord's plan. He knew that we needed a day where we put aside the labors of the rest of the week and turn our thoughts and efforts toward serving Him
So, for today, I am grateful for the Sabbath.


  1. Going back to yesterday's post, I really could use just a bit more sleep. I have to confess that a Sabbath nap (at home, not in class) is on my agenda for today! After all, the Lord can't do much with a zombie.

  2. I'm with Deliese, a Sabbath nap sounds divine this afternoon. Crazy that I haven't been up all that long but that I already want a nap. I know I'll need one.

    Good for you Mom for not writing on Sunday. I'm a bit naughty and will often do things on the Sabbath, such as laundry, etc.

  3. My daughter threw up just before midnight. I'm soooooo grateful that our washing machine didn't look at me and say, "Hey. It's still the Sabbath." There was no ox, but we certainly had mire!