Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 269, September 26

Occasionally people will ask me when I decided to be a writer. I always stumble over that, not knowing what to say, or, more precisely, how to say it. For I never decided to be a writer. I just am. It is something inside of me, a part of my spirit that came with me to this earth that compels me to paint with words. These paintings are not always beautiful. Too often, they are clumsy and awkward and ill-conceived, but I keep trying.
How can I seperate the writer from the woman? I can't. Just as I cannot seperate the woman from the daughter of God. All are a part of me.
I am fortunate to know several tremendously talented sculptors. I believe they feel the same way. Their art is a part of their eternal spirits. And isn't that the way with all of us? However we create--whether through words, bronze, music, paint, or whatever--is an instrinsic part of us. That is God's plan.
But, you may say, I have no art. Are you so certain? Are you creating a home where learning and worship are encouraged? If so, you are an artist. Are you sharing a gift of laughter with others? If so, you are an artist. Are you working in a hospital, helping to relieve suffering? If so, you are an artist. The desire to create, indeed, the NEED to create, does not belong to a few. It is given to all of us. It is our responsibility and our privilege to find that for ourselves.
So, for today, I am grateful for gifts from the Creator.

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