Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15, January 15

Today is my dear friend Janet's birthday.  Janet and I have been friends for 36 years.  We have seen each other through the births of babies and the death of parents.  We have tended each other's children, tended each other's pets, and tended each other's hearts. 

Janet is one of my role models, though she would deny that she is a role model for anyone.  Her talents are legendery  she plays several music instruments and composes her own music.  She sews and tailors beautiful clothing, for herself and others.  She serves in our church in multiple callings.  She writes, draws, bakes, and does a host of other things that leave the rest of us in awe.  She does all this with an unassuming air that is all the more charming because she doesn't realize just how amazing she is.

But, though her talents are awesome, that is not why I love her.  Janet gives of herself unstintingly, to her family, to her friends, to the community, to the church, to the Lord.  She never "keeps score," as some do.  She just keeps giving.  

So, for today, I am grateful for my friendship with Janet..


  1. We're all grateful for Janet, and to the Lord for allowing her to stay here to bless and teach us. I want to be more like her.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a woman who sounds like the kind of role model we all need.