Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8, January 8

“Being settled keeps us from responding to every little ripple of dissent as if it were a tidal wave. We are to be disciples, not oscillators, like a ‘reed shaken in the wind’ (Matt. 11:7).   Elder Neal A. Maxwell

I love the idea of being settled.  The word "settled" makes me think of peace.  As I've written before, we are all, in our own ways, searching for peace. 

If I am settled, I know the answer to questions before they arise.  If I am settled, I know that I am not going to be tempted by alcohol.  If I am tempted, I know that I am not going to be tempted to cheat or steal.  If I am settled, I know who I am and what I am.

So, for today, I am grateful for the times that I am settled.

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  1. It's one of the overlooked beauties of growing older that I find myself becoming more settled with myself. I know who I am better than ever. That doesn't mean I'm content to stay this way, faults and all, more that I know where I am, where I'm going, and what it will take to get there. There is a settling in for the journey more than a settling into a place.