Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2, January 2

In earlier blogs, I've confessed that I am technologically challenged.  My grandchildren shake their heads in regret and pity at their poor old grandmother's lack of tech skills.  I frequently struggle to figure out my iphone.  So when it comes to computers and software things, I plead ignorance.

However, ignorance does not equate to unappreciation.  I love what computers can do.  In particularly, I appreciate that computers and blogging software allow me to publish this blog.   It's hard enough knowing what and how to write it (the blog) each day.  If I had to figure out technical stuff along the way, I would probably give up.

So, for today, I am grateful for computers and what they allow me to do.

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  1. There's a video I saw about Medieval tech support. This poor guy was having trouble using a book, so he called tech support. Very funny stuff. Our hapless user was concerned about losing his data if he turned the page. He also had trouble opening the book (he had the spine facing the wrong direction). I appreciated it, because I now have my husband convinced that I emit a magnetic field that makes electronic devices go wonky. I can do the same thing he does, but get an error message. Or no result at all. Or transfer the contents of our bank account directly to the DMV. Worse, it appears that it's genetic. Mina has the same problem!