Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7, January 7

In the Mormon church, the Deacons (boys age 12 - 14) pass the Sacrament.  As I have observed them, I am always impressed by the seriousness and solemnity with which they perform this sacred task.  Each boy is assigned an area of the chapel and takes great pains to make sure every member receives the bread and then the water.

Having raised three boys of my own, I am aware of the energy and goofiness that boys that age have in such abundance.  They tease each other, their siblings, their parents unmercifully.  They wear their underwear on their heads, shove dirty plates under their beds, and engage in any number of other activities that threaten their mothers' sanity and her resolve not to disown their sons.    Never, though, have I seen any lack of respect in these young Priesthood holders when they are charged with passing the Sacrament.  Dressed in their Sunday best, they give their best because they are serving the Lord.

So, for today, I am grateful for boys who perform this duty with reverence and respect.  (I am also grateful for the parents who instill these qualities in their sons.)

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