Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154, June 3

Recently I received sixteen rejections of stories via email. As inured as I am to rejection, this still came as a blow and set a new record for me. Today, I received eight more rejections from the same editor. (Is she trying to tell me something?)

It is an arrogant thing to be a writer, to think that I might touch someone else with my words. It is a humbling thing to be a writer, to know that I have not succeeded. Arrogant and humbling, the ultimate dichotomy.

I stewed, ranted and raved, and complained to anyone unfortunate enough to be within listening distance. Usually, when I receive rejections, I remind myself of other writers who were similarly rejected before achieving success. This time, however, my thoughts turned to Someone who was also rejected.

The Savior had a short ministry, scarcely three years. He spent that time teaching the people, showing them a different way of living. His message was both simple and profound. Still, He was rejected over and over, especially by His own people.

Please do not misconstrue my words: I am in no way trying to compare myself to the Lord. (That would be the height of arrogance.) My point is that in this, as in all things, He stands as the Exemplar. Despite being mocked and ridiculed by the leaders in the Jewish community, He continued teaching, continued ministering to the people., and always, always, loving them.

So, for today, I am grateful for lessons from rejections ... and for lessons from the Savior.

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