Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161, June 10

Yesterday I wrote about angels. It put me in mind of one of my favorite television shows of the nineties: Touched by an Angel. In this series, an angel, Monica, appeared when an indivdual or family most needed her.

She worked her heavenly magic in the lives of her assignments to help them find a solution to a problem or, if a solution didn't exist, to better deal with whatever situation they faced. Monica discovered that sorrow and pain, hurt and disappointment, exist in nearly every life.

Even though she was an angel and had other angels to help her (remember Andrew and Tess?), Monica couldn't fix every problem. She had to rely on people as well. This was hampered by the fact that real people are flawed. Somehow, though, between Monica, her friends, and the mortals she brought in to help, the individuals in need managed to work out their problems.

Some termed this show fantasy. I thought it very true to life. I know, without a doubt, that God sends angels when we most need them. I also know that angels frequently appear in the guise of those people whom we take for granted.

I thought of the people who help me navigate the difficulties of this life. There is the veternarian who treats our cat. There is the plumber who arrives when we encounter clogged pipes. There are the church members and friends who help us clean up the mess when we fail to call the plumber in time.

Like Monica, the angels who make my life easier and more fulfilling do not have wings. Also like Monica, they appear quietly, without fanfare, without drawing attention to themselves.

So, for today, and again, I am grateful for angels.

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  1. I always liked Andrew, the angel of death who was more caring and compassionate than words can describe. As a girl watching that show, I thought that maybe I didn't have to fear death after all if someone would be there to help me through it. That was before I found a home for my heart and soul in our religion. Now I know that there is no fear in death. Truth, wherever it is found, is a powerful thing.