Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 173, June 22

You are probably tired of hearing of my experiences in playing the piano for our church's primary. I can only apologize and warn you that that's probably not going to change. I love playing the piano for primary. I love hearing the children's sweet, pure voices. I love knowing that I am helping them, in some small measure, to better worship their Father in Heaven.

What I haven't given sufficient acknowledgement to is how they help me. The children bring happiness into my life in ways that only children can. They teach me about enthusiasm. They teach me about uninhibited joy. They teach me about not being afraid to make a mistake.
They teach me that it's all right to be different.

One song gives special emphasis to this, "We Are Different."

"I know you, and you know me.
We are as different as the sun and the sea.
I know you, and you know me,
And that's the way it is supposed to be."

So, for today, I am grateful for what children teach me.

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