Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 176, June 26

I mentioned before that I'm not a fancy person. My house isn't fancy. My car isn't fancy. My clothes aren't fancy. That's all right with me. Fancy means a lot of upkeep. I have enough upkeep in just making myself halfway presentable. The older I get, the more upkeep I have to do. Those of you who are of a certain age know what I mean: more creams for the face, more frequent hair colorings, more of everything.

Upkeep isn't a bad thing. It keeps us from being lazy and sloppy in our appearance. Upkeep can make us better people when it is applied to the way we treat others. Sometimes I am lazy in the way I treat others. I am sloppy with dealing with tender feelings. I need to see to my upkeep.

I have noticed that, unfortunately, I'm not alone with lazy and sloppy treatment. Have you attended a concert or play only to have the entertainment interrupted by the ringing of someone's cell phone? Occasionally the person will even answer the call and carry on a conversation. Have you been in a worship service to find that the person next to you is texting? I don't believe the individuals involved mean to be rude; they have just forgotten where they are. They, too, need to tend to their upkeep.

So, for today, I am grateful for those who tend to their upkeep.

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