Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 241, September 2

Please forgive me as I return to one of my favorite subjects ... and my favorite people.  If you guessed kindness and my Aunt Mae, you'd be correct.

I called my Aunt Mae a few mornings ago and found that she was busy writing letters and cards, as she so often does.  On that day, she was writing to a young man in prison.

"I've never met him," she said, "but I know his daddy."  (In the south, fathers are referred to as "daddies" whatever their age.)  "I don't know what put him (the boy) in prison but I know he's working to turn his life around."

I have never thought of writing to someone in prison.  Never.  I think myself good when I send a card to a friend.  I realize how puny my efforts are.

Aunt Mae went on to say that she had been shopping for men's pajamas to send to a lady whose husband was bed-ridden.   The list of her acts of kindness alone could fill this blog.

This I know for sure:  People like my aunt fill our world, but we rarely hear of their good deeds.  And that is how they want it.


  1. Such a near story. Aunt Mae is truly an angel on this earth.

  2. That may be how they want it, but we need to hear those stories and to have that example!