Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 263, September 24

"What if we realize that we can't do everything, and so we decide that we will focus our particular 'something' that God has given us to do, to be, or to accomplish. When everyone is focused on his or her something, then anything is possible. Not because we have it all under control, but because God's plan is now working".--Shane Stanford
Too often, when confronted with a problem, I talk myself out of doing something because I know I can't do everything that is needed.  A case in point:   a family in our ward (congregation) was going through an extremely difficult time.  I couldn't solve the problems they faced, couldn't really do anything that was going to be meaningful, so I did nothing.  
That was more than wrong; it was selfish and weak. 
When I realized that I could have made a difference, however small, in their lives, I resolved not to stand back and wring my hands.  Instead, I offered what help I could.   What if each of us, even knowing that we can't do everything, did something?  What a beautiful world we could build.  
This I know for sure: I will never be able to do everything, but I can do something.  

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  1. I'm really good at doing something. . . as long as you count hand-wringing. That seems to be my default. I'm trying to work on that.