Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 268, September 29

It is the simple ways and places in which we encounter God that have the most profound impact. --Shane Standford
How do we encounter God? We will probably not find Him in grand buildings or while doing grand acts.  And, really, how many of us spend much time in grand buildings and doing grand acts?
We find Him in humble places while performing simple acts of service.  (Was not Christ born in a stable?)  I find Him in prayer, while on my knees.  I sometimes (not always) find Him while writing this blog.  I find Him in listening to the Primary children sing.  I find Him when I am helping a friend.
These activities usually require quietness on my part.  They require a willingness to listen.  They require humility.  When I give these things, I feel His presence.
This I know for sure: God will not be found while we worship the things of this world.   

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