Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 258, September 19

Do you ever feel that you will never "have it all together?"  That you are always "a day late and a dollar short?"  I do.  I frequently feel that I don't measure up to what my family, my friends, and the Lord want me to do, to be. 

It is a daunting feeling.  More, it is a self-destructive one.  I'm so busy trying to find what I'm supposed to be doing, supposed to be giving, that I forget just to be me.  Maybe that's part of the reason why I suffer from depression:  I am always finding ways that I am falling short.   (And sometimes others point those ways out to me.)

The truth is, I do fall short in many of my efforts and endeavors.  I know I've let others down.  It hurts when I acknowledge that.  It hurts when I acknowledge that I've let the Lord down.

This I know for sure:  the Lord is on my side, even when I don't measure up, especially when I don't measure up.


  1. I, too, suffer from fallshort-its. Maybe we should start a support group? From my perspective, it would be a short meeting. The only thing that works is the Atonement. Without that, I cannot find hope. With that, I can find unfailing hope.

  2. Why yes, all the time. I want to have it all together, to get out in front of it as Frankie Heck would say, but I fall short nearly every day.