Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 266, September 27

"The 'bigger plan' is that God has gifted us to care and to be cared for within the framework of brothers and sisters, who all have their own passions, yearnings, and gifts for making a difference in the world. No one can be enough, but together, we will be more than sufficient."--Shane Stanford
I love the idea that we are to care and be cared for by our "brothers and sisers."  In the Mormon Church, we refer to each other as "Brother" and "Sister."   Family is not created by blood alone; it is also created by the acts, both small and large, that we give and receive, those bonds forged by love. 

When we add our passions, our yearnings, our gifts for making a difference in the world to those of our family members, whoever they are, we are building an army of righteousness.

This I know for sure:  God's bigger plan is that we work together for a greater good.


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