Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 245, September 6

Sometimes we confuse gratitude with giving thanks.  Giving thanks for something is great.  We should all do more of it. Gratitude, however, comes from a deeper place within.  It comes from knowing that our life stories could well have turned out very differently if not for the Lord's grace.

Gratitude on this level requires a spiritual maturity as we work to acknowledge that we are not in charge.  The Lord is.  Always.  When we think we are in charge--of anything--we are beyond arrogant.  I imagine the Lord shaking His head at our naivete and pride.  Only when we attribute any blessing as coming from Him do we approach the gratitude He asks of us.

I struggle with this concept.  I struggle with admitting my own powerlessness to effect change in my life.  I struggle to find the humility to thank the Lord in any meaningful way for His continued blessings.

This I know for sure:  gratitude is knowing that, without the Lord, we are nothing.  And it is required of all of us.

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  1. I love the distinction you've made between giving thanks and gratitude.