Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 244, September 5

"Friendship isn't about those you've known the longest, but those who came and never left your side." Anonymous

I found this in an email, a caption for a picture of animals nestled together in unlikely pairings such as a canary and a cat.  The beauty and simplicity of it touched my heart on several levels.  I have long-time friends who have found their place in my life and my heart.  We may have everything in common or little in common, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that we are there for each other.

I have other friendships, much newer.   Like the long-time friends, these women have also found their place in my life and my heart.  And they are also there for me, as I try to be for them.

Frieinds lift us up when our own wings are tired of flying.  They remind us that we are valued, even when we feel that we are not.  And they give us a good kick in the pants when we start to feel sorry for ourselves.

This I know for sure:  friends are truly a "pearl of great price."

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  1. . . .and happy is the woman who hath her arms full of them!