Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 331, December 1

"... undertand that God's grace is completely selfless ... A faith that breathes knows that when we fail and fumble in life, God's grace is there waiting for us ... "  from the book FAITH THAT BREATHES

I wish I could say that my grace is completely selfless ... or that anything I do is completely selfless.  My grace and my love are too frequently conditional.  God puts no conditions on His grace or love or anything else He gives us. 

I also wish I had the faith described above, a faith that breathes and knows that when I fail and fumble (which is too often the case), God's grace is there waiting for me.  When I fail and fumble (everyday occurrences), I tend to beat myself up.  I mentally yell at myself, saying things I would never say to anyone else.  And what does that say about my faith?  That it is weak and fragile and infantile.

This I know for sure:  God's grace is sufficient for all of us.  When I can accept that, perhaps my faith will breathe as it is meant to.

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