Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 353, December 23

"Some people despise the little things in life.  It is their mistake, for they thus prevent themselves from getting God' greatness out of these little things."--Meister Eckhart

It's not always easy to find joy in the little things in life.  However, when we do that, we increase our abundance and our happiness a hundred, even a thousand, fold.

I have a friend who delights in the songbirds that gather at the front of her home.  She sets out birdfeed to attract these small blessings.  Dorothy, a dear friend who passed away four years ago, took pleasure in reading and re-reading cards sent to her.  She loved to read the sentiments from her friends, to laugh at the silliness of some cards, to shed a tear or two at others.

Small things?  Yes.  But profound.  And isn't that the way of life?  The small things make up the large part of our  lives.  If we ignore them, eschew them, then we are also ignoring and eschewing God Himself.

This I know for sure:  out of small things, large things arise.  And in small things, if we are looking, we will see the hand of God.

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