Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 349, December 19

"To plow is to pray--to plant is to prophesy and the harvest answers and fulfills."--R.G. Ingersoll

I have never thought of plowing, planting, and harvesting in this way until I came upon these beautiful words.  I will probably never plow a field; the only thing I plant is the occasional flower.  But I can harvest the bounty of other works.

 I can rejoice in a card from a friend, knowing that I have sowed the seeds of friendship.  I can find joy in the "I love you, Grandma" over the phone from a grandchild, knowing I have worked to stay close to him even though thousands of miles separate us.

This I know for sure:  the law of the harvest is everywhere, in everything.

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  1. These are beautiful words. It's good to think about the law of the harvest when things are (finally) frozen outside.