Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 357, December 27

At our ward's  (congregation) Christmas party, several talented members sang songs from Michael McLean's Forgotten Carols collection.  One song in particular moved me to tears.  The song, written from Joseph's, Christ's earthly father, point-of-view answers a question posed to him by a woman as she asks, "Are you the father of the man who was crucified?"

Joseph replied, "I was not His Father; He was mine."   Joseph goes on to ask how a man so flawed could raise the Son of God.    The words "a man (woman) so flawed ..."  were a poignant reminder of my own fallen state.   So I will change the words slightly:  How can a woman so flawed hope to follow the Son of God?

The short answer is, "I can't."

The longer answer is that I can't, but that the Savior can change me to make me to WANT to follow Him.  And that is the key:  that the Savior can change me, in my sinful, fallen state to want to follow Him.  He does all this and more through the Atonement.

This I know for sure:  I can't.  The Savior can.  Always.

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