Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 336, December 6

     Prudie clapped her wings together.  Everything was going just as planned.  The seed had been planted.  Now all she had to do was let nature take its course, nature in the guise of a pair of amorous rabbits and two people who had never stopped loving each other. 


     "Why did you do it, Danny?" Greg asked.

     Danny studied the toes of his sneakers.  "I wanted the mommy and daddy rabbits to be together  Families should be together at Christmas."  He said the last defiantly.

     Greg slanted a glance at Sara as he slipped an arm around his son's shoulders.  "You know your mom and I both love you, right?"

     "How come we can't still be a family?"  The plaintive note in his son's voice tore at Greg's heart.

     He saw the pain in Sara's eyes, a pain he knew that was reflected in his own.  "Just because your mom and I decided we couldn't live together anymore doesn't mean we don't love you."

     "But I love you both."

     "I know."  Greg swatted Danny on the bottom.  "Now scoot.  Your mom and I need to talk.

     "I'll try to spend more time with him," Greg said once Danny was out of the room.  "He's getting older.  He needs a man around more."  Immediately, he knew he'd said the wrong thing for Sara bristled.  "I didn't mean that you're not great with him.  You're the best mother a kid could have."

     She must have sensed his sincerity for she smiled faintly.  "Thanks.  I have to admit to feeling pretty inadequate lately."

     "Hey, it's not your fault.  Kids act up sometimes."  Something he didn't care to define happened as he closed his hand around hers.  A jolt of pleasure.  A sense of rightness.  "Uh ... would you like to have dinner together tonight?  We could get a sitter and talk about this some more."

     She hesitated.

     "Please," he added.

     "All right."

     Dinner the following night was all that he'd hoped for.  Sara had him laughing as she described her latest problem with her characters who refused to go along with her plot. 

     "They won't cooperate when I tell them what to do," she said with a roll of her eyes.

     "Sort of like kids, huh?"

     She grinned.  "Yeah.  Sort of like kids."

     It was almost like old times.  For a moment, he forgot the separation, forgot Danny's problems, forgot his dissatisfaction with work.  All he could think of was Sara and how beautiful she looked as the candlelight bathed her face in its soft glow.

     She'd been barely eighteen when they met at Denver University, she a freshman determined to write the Great American Novel, he a law student, determined to rid the world of its wrongs. 

     Idealism and youth, a heady combination, had lead to love.  It hadn't mattered that they'd had little else.  Love had been enough.  Love and the arrogance of youth that believed nothing else mattered. 

     Where had they gone wrong?

     He knew where to place the blame.  Squarely on his own shoulders.  Too much work, too little sharing of his thoughts and feelings had driven Sara from him.

     Outside the house, the house they'd once shared, he brushed his lips against hers.  Sara melted against him before jerking away, eyes wide with unasked questions as she stared up at him. 

     "Sorry," he muttered.  "I didn't mean--"

     "It's all right," she whispered.  "We both got pretty carried away."

     "Yeah."  He stepped back, needing to put some distance between them.  "I'll call you tomorrow."

     "I'd like that."

     Back in his apartment, he yanked off his tie and undid the buttons on his shirt.  Being with Sara tonight had awakened a host of memories.  Deliberately, he recalled    the divorce papers folded neatly in his drawer. 

     Nothing in them gave him the right to kiss her.  Nothing in them gave him the right to touch her.  Nothing in them gave him the right to care about her.  Nothing in them gave him any rights at all, except the one that they couldn't take away--the right to love her. 


     Fat tears rolled down Prudie's cheeks.  She'd been so certain that when Greg kissed Sara, they'd know they belonged together.

     Sister Endurance wrapped a wing around Prudie.  "Don't cry, my dear.  You'll tarnish your wings."

     Prudie looked at the tip of her right wing.  It did look slightly rusty.  "I thought ..." she gulped back a sob  "... that they would see how much they need each other, how much Danny needs them to be together."

     "In heaven all things are clear," Sister Endurance said.  "Earth clouds the vision.  You must help them find their way through the fog."

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