Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 162, June 9

Every day I have been trying to put a small dent in the number of weeds that seemingly spring up overnight in our yard and flower beds.  Sometimes I am fortunate enough to yank a weed out by the root.  Other times, I have only been able to get the top, knowing that the root is still there, just waiting to pop up with yet another unsightly weed.

In my morning ritual of weed-pulling, I had a moment to ponder upon the similarity between pulling weeds from the lawn and pulling sins from my life.  Just as in pulling weeds, sometimes I am fortunate enough to yank out a sin by the root.  And other times, I have gotten only the top, smoothing over the edges of the sin but not really addressing the "root" problem. 

Pulling out weeds needs to be done constantly.  Pulling out sins needs the same attention and care.  One of the problems with pulling out sins is that the results may not be visible right away.  I work on them, praying for divine help, trying to find the root problem.  And still they frequently elude my efforts.

It may be that I don't really want to get rid of my sins.  Sins can be comforting.  Like a piece of fudge, they are sweet to the taste.  Do I really want to hold onto them, to sacrifice my eternal progression for the familiarity of these weeds in my life?  When that answer is yes, I know I have to do some heavy duty repenting.

So, for today, I am grateful for those times when I can pull weeds from my lawn and sins from my life.


  1. This is a great analogy Mom.

  2. It really is. After over two weeks of vacation, our garden was a nightmare. It took a lot of persuading on my part to convince the children that we needed to start weeding right away, or it would only get worse. I needed to hear it as much as they did. It looked overwhelming! But there is a certain satisfaction in the sound a weed makes when its root comes out. Then there's the sigh I make when the top breaks off in my hand, and I go get the shovel.