Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 181, June 28

I found this quote in a writers' magazine:

"If you know you're a writer, no amount of noise can stop you from hearing stories.  So listen."

The writer in me immediately responded to these words.  More, though, the part of me that is divine responded, and  I edited the words to "If you know you're a child of God, no amount of noise can stop you from hearing Him.  So listen."

Do you think me to be self-aggrandizing when I say "the part of me that is divine?"  I hope not.  For I believe that each of us has a divine nature.  Frequently we (I) suppress that nature, preferring that part that is foolish, selfish, short-sighted.  But when I listen to that divine part, I hear the Father.  He speaks to me in a still, small voice that I cannot deny.

So, for today, I am grateful for when I hear stories ...  and when I hear the Father's voice.


  1. I think I'm often too busy or my mind is cluttered too much to really hear the Father's voice. I should probably try and fix that.

  2. Jane, thanks for the reminder to listen.