Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 178, June 25

Those who know me well know that I love stories about strong women.  They inspire me, make me want to try to do better in my own little sphere.

One such story is about Elizabeth Gower.

Elizabeth and her husband Daniel Clark joined the Mormon Church, with their family of ten children in England in the 19th century.  They were so bitterly persecuted for joining this "heretic sect" that they decided to emigrate to America.

On the way across the plains in covered wagons, Daniel drank some bad water from a river, contracted cholera, died, and was buried somewhere along the Platte River in Nebraska.  Valiantly, Elizabeth forged on to the Salt Lake valley with her children. There, she faced other hardships,while  trying to eke out a living in what was then a barren desert and raise her children in righteousness.

What courage and strength this faithful woman must have had.  I marvel at her and, at the same time, am humbled by her example.

So, for today, I am grateful for strong women everywhere.

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