Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 61, March 2

A couple of weeks ago at church, I noticed a young mother with three little children, ages three and under.  As the mother held her baby boy in her arms, the younger of the girls took off running in the other direction.  This sweet mother never raised her voice, never grew angry.  Quietly, she rounded up her little girl and brought her back to their seats.

I have been that young mother, trying to ride herd on three small children.  I was not always as patient as this mother.  Sometimes I did raise my voice.  And sometimes I even grew angry.  I look back and am filled with regret over allowing my frustration to get the better of me.

Perhaps that is why I so admire this mother, who does it all on her own at church.  I admire her patience, her sweetness, her quiet demeanor.

Joy for today:  watching a righteous mother in action.

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  1. I was noticing this same thing at our ward a couple of weeks ago and thought how hard it would be for this woman to bring her children to church by herself as her husband is not a member. Kudos to all those women who handle their children at church with patience and grace.