Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 90, March 31

Yesterday, Larry spoke in Sacrament Meeting (our church's main meeting) on the Atonement and grace.  As always, when I think about the Atonement and Christ's sacrifice, I am moved to tears.

Christ's physical suffering was beyond comprehension.  His emotional suffering, as He endured the pain for all the sins that have ever and will ever be committed, takes suffering to a level we will never know.  I cannot even begin to understand that kind of love, that kind of sacrifice.

Sometimes I forget that the Atonement makes up for our sins but also for our tears, our pain that is inevitable in this mortal sphere.  I forget that this Miracle of Miracles is available to anyone, even to me, if I choose to partake of it.

Joy for today:  remembering the Atonement.

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  1. My joy for the day: the Spirit reminding me recently that "the Atonement covers that, too". All things, big or small, are covered.