Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 68, March 9

Last week I was at my sister's house and had occasion to help her granddaughter with some homework which involved verbs, changing the tenses, etc.  I thought I should be pretty good at it; after all, I am supposed to be a writer.  It turns out I wasn't very good at it at all, especially we encountered irregular verbs.

It set me to thinking.  (Once again, the oddest things set me to thinking.)   With the segue of irregular verbs, I realized that there are also all sorts of "irregular" people in the world.   I'm one of them.  I decided it wasn't so bad to be irregular.  Many of my friends are also irregular.  We don't fit a mold.  And isn't that wonderful?  Who wants to fit a mold anyway?

Heavenly Father created each of us to be "irregular"  in our own unique ways.  How are you irregular?  Do you have an off-beat sense of humor?  Do you march to the beat of a different piccolo (notice I didn't say drum)?  Do you write silly poetry?

Joy for today:  embracing my irregularity.

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  1. Life certainly would be boring if everyone were regular. And really, who defines regular and irregular?