Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 86, March 27

Well, we've talked about a number of people who have achieved success through persistence, whether it be in making a baseball team or having a painting sold for millions of dollars. There are certainly others we could talk about--Oprah Winfrey, Colonel Sanders, etc, but I think you get the idea.

 But we have yet to talk about the Greatest Persistor of all:  the Savior.  Viewed with the lens of worldly success, Jesus didn't make the grade.  His following was small. He never made any money to speak of.  One of His apostles denied him three times, while another betrayed him.   He was scoffed at, scorned, and spit at.

No, the Savior didn't achieve the riches and accolades that many of us spend our days searching for.  But He succeeded wildly in what mattered most.  He kept His covenant with the Father.  He atoned for every sin that had been committed, every sin that will be committed, with the ultimate sacrifice.  His life.  He persisted.

Joy for today:  looking to the Savior.  Always.

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