Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 87, March 28

Well, we've spent the last week talking about people who persisted in reaching their dreams, in attaining their goals. Our subjects have ranged from Abraham Lincoln to Emily Dickinson, from Vincent Van Gogh to Heber J. Grant.  And, finally, to the Savior, who stands as the Greatest Example in all things.

What are your dreams?  Your goals?  Do you long to write?  Or paint a picture that will enchant not only today's generation but those centuries from now?  Do you long to be a righteous parent, to let your children know that you love them, no matter what?  Do you want to return to live with the Savior and Father after you have completed this life?

I suspect that you have many dreams, many goals, just as I do.  Sometimes I have persisted in my dreams; sometimes, I have let them slide.  But then I return to them and try one more time.

Joy for today:  trying one more time.

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