Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 11, January 15

In anticipation of receiving some new items, I did some de-cluttering before Christmas. After Christmas, I did more de-cluttering, taking bag after bag of clothes and books and household items to a thrift store.

De-cluttering freed up some much needed space in closets and drawers and bookshelves. I felt freer, lighter, and more in control of my environment.

The process started me thinking about another, more important kind of de-cluttering I can do. Can I let go of old grudges, put the pain of them behind me and free up space in my mind and heart?

The truth is, I struggle with this every day. I struggle in finding the strength and discipline to give up these hurts. I struggle in finding the desire to do so. Sometimes I want to hold on to them, to prove to myself and to others that I am right, to justify my righteous indignation. (Or is that self-righteous indignation?)

This I know for sure: if I want to live in the now, I need to let go of the past.


  1. "f I want to live in the now, I need to let go of the past" -- Nothing is more true than this.

    Hanging onto the past will most definitely stifle our growth, our ability to live in the present, and the ability to be the best person we can be. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. Personally, I got rid of 10 bags of stuff, and another is filling as we speak. I have just a few more "stuff-producers" around here, though.

    I liked a remark I heard in the afternoon session of Stake Conference. A woman was asked what was different about her after her baptism. The questioner had noticed a change for the better, but could not determine its cause. Her response was something like, "I got rid of all the junk from my life before my baptism". I think the same can be true of repentance. Isn't that what it's for, to get rid of the junk that's holding us down?