Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 8, January 12

Are you like me and want to do better in the new year? Do you want to lose weight? Exercise more? Read your scriptures more? Serve in the community more? Write more? Pray with real intent?
Whew! I made myself tired just listing those things.
My husband is (sometimes) a wise man. He's pointed out to me on many occasions that ultimately we do what we really want to do. If I really wanted to do any of the above things (or anything else), I would do them. What is the key word in the last sentence? If you guess "wanted," you'd be right.
What do I really want to do? Sometimes it appears that what I really want to do is to sit on my rump, watch television, and eat cookies. Isn't that pitiful? At least I could want to eat apples instead of cookies! But, no, it's cookies.
What do you really want to do? I hope you're much more disciplined and goal-oriented than I am. I hope you have lots of meaningful and fun things you want to do. Take a moment and reflect on them. Then decide on how you can make them come to pass. (I should take my own advice.)
This I know for sure: I do what I really want to do, for good or for not-so-good. And if I want to change those things, I need to turn to the One with the power to change me.


  1. I want to improve myself in many ways this year, including sitting on my rump sometimes without feeling guilty about it! Rest is important, too, doggoneit.

  2. I think dad's comment is very true. I thought about making some resolutions or goals for the new year but then decided not to commit to them because I knew I would probably fail.

    Isn't it just easier sitting around watching tv and eating snacks? I certainly could do much better.