Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 19, January 23

Listening seems a lost art these days. I sometimes wonder if the counseling profession might take a hit if people spent more time listening to others.

In a world where we demand that things be done with speed and efficiency, listening takes a back seat. Listening is not time-efficient. It requires that we sit and pay attention to others. It requires that we put aside our own cares and concerns and concentrate on those of another.

A friend once paid me the supreme compliment of saying that I was a good listener. I cherish those words even while knowing that I don't deserve them. I am ashamed to admit that sometimes when I am supposedly listening to someone, my mind is wandering, usually to my own problems and needs.

A favorite Primary song is entitled "If I Listen with My Heart." The words continue, "I'll hear the Savior's voice." What simple and profound truth they proclaim.

This I know for sure: If I listen with my heart, I'll hear the Savior's voice. And if I hear the Savior's voice, I will give others a listening ear ... and a listening heart

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  1. I agree that listening seems a lost art. . . I'm sorry, what were you saying?