Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 2, January 6

My two little grandsons, Brigham (7) and Isaac (4) are here visiting. In between the noise and confusion and mess and dirty dishes, we find a few minutes to read.
In reading a book about CARS, we learned that Lightning McQueen was entered in a race. Doc of Radiator Springs served as his pit crew. Unfortunately, McQueen didn't win. However, according to the book, he had "a winner in his pit crew."
Don't you love that? McQueen didn't win the race but he was a winner in friends. There is such wisdom in those simple words. They were intended for children, but I think they apply to all of us.
Are you a winner in friends? I hope so. I know I'm a winner there. My friends are there for me, no matter what. When I feel like a failure in everything else, I remember that I am a winner in one of the most important things.
This I know for sure: if you have friends as your pit crew, you will always be a winner.


  1. I feel blessed because my family are some of most important friends.

  2. I feel lucky and grateful for my friends, where would we be without them. thanks for your post