Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 9, January 13

In our church's Primary (the organization for children), the children are studying agency this year. Agency, that ability to choose for one's self, is a blessing. It is also a responsibility. Too often, I watch as people claim their agency but forget that with it come consequences.
Take the occupiers. They are in Denver, in Boulder, in Salt Lake City, in New York, and dozens of other cities. They use their agency to squat on public lands but take no responsibility for the mess and confusion and inconvenience for others that they create.
Yes, they have agency. And, yes, they have responsibility.
I have agency to write this blog. I also have a responsibility to write truth.
Agency is one of those sticky subjects. Does my four year old grandson have agency to play in the street? Yes. Does my son, his father, have a responsibility to make certain that he doesn't do this. Again, yes. Where does one man's agency stop and another's start? I put forth the theory that it starts with emulating the Savior. Do what He would do and you're probably on the right path.
This I know for sure: with agency comes responsibility.


  1. It's the age-old parenting dilemma: free agency and how to enforce it. Here's the problem with not enforcing the natural and logical consequences of the use of agency: if we don't, who will? God will, in His perfect timing. Others might. The law or government might. It's just so much easier to learn these agency lessons while young when the price tag for mistakes is much smaller!

  2. I have an idea that when we use our agency without taking responsibility, we DO keep that agency but retain very little wiggle room for choice-making. Envision sliding over time into the bottom (the apex) of a (pointed) paper cup: Freedom to choose still: Yes. Always. Options to choose from: Slim to none.