Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 127, May 5

A few days ago, our son Robert posted a picture on Facebook.  (I wish I could reproduce it here.)  The picture consisted of the word "ABORTIOIN."  The "B" and the "R" were slashed out to be replaced with a "D" and  "P," changing it to "ADOPTION."  A change of two letters equals life rather than death, love rather than selfishness.

Adoption is special in our family.  Twenty-four years ago, our family became foster parents to a beautiful baby girl, Ann.  We fell in love with her instantly.  Nearly three years later, when she became eligible for adoption, we adopted her and were sealed together in the temple.  Rob and his wife have two adopted sons, Brigham and Isaac, also beautiful, also much loved, also sealed in the temple.

Friends and other family members have also adopted children, opening their homes to these children of the heart. 

So, for today, I am grateful for children of the heart.

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  1. Blood is thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood.