Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 152, June 1

A few days ago, Larry and I attended a school event for our granddaughter Reynna, who is graduating from eighth grade.  (It will surprise no one to know that Reynna is the star of any event in which she participates.)

I noticed posters throughout the school with the acronym BARK.  I looked closely to see what it stood for and found the following:

Be responsible.
Act with kindness.
Respect others.
Be safe.

Aren't those great directives?  And wouldn't our families, our churches, our communities, the entire world be better, happier places if we all followed them?

I particularly like the second one:  act with kindness.  It seems that the subject of kindness, whether in words or in deeds, is much on my mind these days.  Perhaps because I am not always kind.  Sometimes I am small and petty, even mean-spirited, and so I was grateful for this reminder.

Joy for today:  finding wisdom in a middle school.  (Who knew?) 

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  1. I'm so glad you all were able to come and that you even found some joy in the middle school. Heaven knows that Reynna hasn't found much joy the past year there. :)