Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 166, June 15

Last week in Sunday School class, we had a lesson about ways in which we put others or the world before God.  Class members offered ideas.  As they did so, I thought of one serious way in which I put others and the world before God:  when I have the opportunity to stand up for the right and say something is wrong, I frequently do not take it.

Why?  Because I fear offending others.  Because I'm afraid of appearing to be a "goody-goody."  Because I'm afraid I'll sound stupid or self-righteous or any number of other things.  None of these are sufficient reason to push the Lord aside and to cater to the precepts of the world.

Maybe it's time I stood up for what is right, for what is true.

Joy for today:  standing up and standing firm.

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  1. I'm afraid and I'm very guilty of this. Probably should get on that and try to change some things.