Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 167, June 16

Recently I watched a DVD movie "Hawn's Mill," about the massacre of Mormons in Hawn's Mill, Missouri in 1838.  There were many stories of heroism.  One which deeply touched me was that of Amanda Barnes Smith.  Sister Smith had lost her husband and a son during the massacre, with another son being severely wounded.

Several days afterward, members of the mob forbid the Mormons from praying at all.  This was too much for Sister Smith, who said that being unable to communicate with her Lord was even worse than the night of the massacre.  She went into a cornfield and, there, hid among some cornstalks and poured out her heart to God.

I have difficulty even conceiving of the courage it took for this woman, who had lost so much, to defy the orders of the men who held the power of life or death over her and her remaining family.  Her courage is equaled only by her faith.

Joy for today:  being strengthened by this example of courage and faith.

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