Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 160, May 9

“Heavenly Father taught you before you were born about the experiences you would have as you left Him and came to earth. You were taught that the way back home to Him would not be easy. He knew that it would be too hard for you to make the journey without help.

"You have been blessed not only to find the way to make those covenants in this life but also to be surrounded by others who will help – who, like you, are covenant daughters (and sons) of Heavenly Father."  Henry B. Eyring

When bad things, tragedy, beset you, do you ever think or perhaps say aloud, "Hey, I didn't sign up for this. I didn't know I was going to have to go through this."

The fact is, we did know.  And somehow we signed up anyway.

But we are not alone.  With the Father and the Savior, we are also surrounded by friends and family who help us navigate the pain and hardships of this world.   Without these friends and family members, I'd be more of a mess than I already am.  With them, I'm less of a mess.  (A bit of unintentional poetry there.)

 "I have seen what you have seen as covenant sisters (and brothers) keep that commitment to comfort and help – and do it with a smile. . . Heavenly Father smiles on you as well whenever He sees you help a daughter (or son) of His move along the covenant path toward eternal life. And He is pleased every time you try to choose the right. He sees not only what you are but also what you may become. ”  

Joy for today:  knowing that we are not alone.         

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