Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 178, June 27

I found the following story in a talk by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson as he recounted the incident of Olumpian Torah Bright encouraging Kelly Clark.

"She (Torah Bright) noticed that American snowboarder Kelly Clark, who had a bad first run on her final round, appeared to be nervous about her second run.  'She gave me a hug,' Clark recalls.  'She just held me until I actually calmed down enough and I slowed my breathing.  It was good to have a hug from a friend.'  Kelly Clark would later join Torah on the winners' podium as a bronze medalist.

"When asked about this unusual act of kindness toward her opponent, which could have put her own silver medal at risk, Torah simply said, 'I am a competitor--I want to do my best--but I want my fellow competitors to do their best, too.'"

Isn't this a beautiful story?  Imagine one competitor stopping to help another, to spend that time and energy and compassion to offer encouragement and support.

Joy for today:  wanting others to succeed.

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