Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 170, June 19

I write romances and, thus, spend a lot of time thinking of heroes and heroines.  The world has its own definition of heroes and heroines; these people grace the covers of magazines, are found in movies, and find  their way into our homes via TV in sporting events and other entertainment.

While many of these people are talented and accomplished, they are not my heroes and heroines.  Mine are found in the homes, the mothers and fathers who quietly lead and guide their children with love and wisdom.  Mine are found in the schools, teaching our most precious commodity--our children.  Mine are found visiting those who can't leave their homes and performing sweet acts of service.  Mine are found serving in the church, the community, the schools.

Joy for today:  finding heroes and heroines in everyday places.

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  1. If more people looked to the places you look for heroes, this world might be different -- for the better.