Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 171, June 20

We have a sweet family in our ward (congregation) who epitomize everything that is right in today's families.  I admire many things about this family.  One of the things which most captures my respect and admiration is the parents' dedication in seeing that their seven children, especially the five girls, dress modestly.

In a day when public figures, from movie stars to sports figures to the wives of politicians, dress immodestly, it is refreshing to see a family who places a high premium on modesty.  I am in awe of these parents who take the time and effort to teach their children eternal values and principles.  Some may say this is a small thing, but, as in many small things, it reaps large rewards.

Consider the effects these teachings will have upon not just these children but all those who watch them and learn from them.

Joy for today:  watching a worthy family in action.

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  1. If only more families out there could be like this one.