Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 154, June 3

Today is my nephew David's birthday.  David has always been special to me.  He has seen his family through some rough times and does it with grace, humor, and practicality, a rare blend.

Many years ago, when my sister's and my mother was dying, David cared for her and did it with such tenderness and gentleness that the memory still brings tears to my eyes.

His sensitivity and compassion were demonstrated again at the time of his father's death.  Once more, he came through while many of us (myself included) were falling apart.

Joy for today:  loving my sweet nephew.

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  1. David is a rare individual. Years and years ago, when Travis was "too old" to go to day care in the summer (as I worked) I hired David to "be there if you need someone" for Travis. It made my summer easy, and Travis just thought he had his best friend's older brother "just is case" it was a perfect arrangement. He really is a gem of a child---man now.