Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 164, June 13

A few days ago, I mentioned the Biblical "mote and beam" scripture.  It didn't occur to me until later that I should have included the words of a hymn that describe this comparison so beautifully.

by Eliza R. Snow

Once I said unto another,
"In thine eye there is a mote;
If thou art a friend, a brother,
Hold and let me pull it out."
But I could not see it fairly,
For my sight was very dim.
When I came to search more clearly,
In mine eye there was a mote.

If I love my brother clearer,
And his mote I would erase,
Then the light should shine the clearer,
For the eye's a tender place.
Others I have oft reproved,
For an object like a mote,
Now I wish this beam removed,
Oh, that tears would wash it out!

Clarity and love are healing;
These will give the clearest sight;
When I saw my brother's failing,
I was not exactly right.
Now, I'll take no further trouble;
Jesus' love is all my theme;
Little motes are but a bubble
When I think upon the beam.

(Verses 3, 4, 5)

The author's words exactly describe my own situation, feeling compelled to point out another's fault without recognizing my own.

Joy for today:  concentrating on the beam in my own eyes.

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  1. I love this hymn and the message behind it.