Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 28, February 1

I've written in earlier posts about my sweet cat, Harley. Harley likes to sun herself, sitting in front of whatever window gives the most sun. She craves the sun, basking in its bright gold and warmth.

I wonder if I basked in the sun, letting its rays soak in to my soul if I, too, would find the solace and comfort she takes in it.

The comparison of the sun and the Son is not new with me, nor even new in this blog. I suppose I can't quit thinking of the inevitable analogy. If I basked in the Son, would my soul be warmed? If I basked in the Son, would my heart be softened? If I basked in the Son, would I find the peace that so often eludes me?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

This I know for sure: if I bask in the Son, I will never be alone.

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  1. When we bask in the Son, our souls may be as peaceful as a napping cat, but our bodies rarely remain stationary!