Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 38, February 11

"It is more important to do right than it is to be right."--Anonymous

At first glance, this quote appears to be mundane, prosaic. The more I ponder it, though, the more I realize the power of it.

How many of us must be right in every situation? How many of us defend our position to the death? I have done it. (Ask my husband.) So certain am I of my "rightness," that I sacrifice good feelings and relationships in my need to prove that I am right.

How much happier I would be if I spent my time doing right. Doing right means a myriad of things. Doing right means putting another's needs above my own. Doing right means sacrifice. Doing right means having the humility to say, "I'm wrong."

This I know for sure: being right is a matter of pride. Doing right is a matter of courage.

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  1. In order to go forward, we sometimes feel like we're going back. It doesn't look too attractive, does it? But it depends on our destination. Pride Ave. is really Pride Cir. It doesn't get us anywhere. Courage is surely an unpaved road full of potholes. But at the end of it, there is a mansion prepared for us.