Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 45, February 18

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."--Albert Einstein

A few years ago, my sister's family was going through a really hard time. Christmas was approaching. She confided in me that her spirits had never felt less like Christmas. The next day, unknown friends delivered what was to be the first of twelve gifts to her family. The gifts had obviously been chosen with great care and and thought.

More than five hundred miles away, I pondered what to do to make our Christmas a bit brighter. My sister's troubles weighed heavily upon me. I approached my husband about taking anonymous gifts to a neighbor family, and he agreed. (This was before I knew about the gifts delivered to my sister and her family.)

When we compared notes, we laughed and cried over the coinicidence. Upon further thought, though, I decided that this was not a coincidence at all, but God's way of touching hearts. I couldn't help my sister, but I could do something for someone else.

This I know for sure: when God is present, coincidence ceases to exist.


  1. What a sweet and touching story.

  2. I love your conclusion: when God is present, coincidence ceases to exist.