Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 53, February 26

Writers frequently talk about re-inventing themselves. It is akin to the makeovers that are so popular on television, but rather than donning new duds and trying new hair styles and makeup, writers work to makeover their writing.

Perhaps the writer who sold steadily to the historical market finds that she no longer has any stories left in her for Regencies and decides to write inspirationals. Or the non-fiction writer longs to try on a new persona and decides to write children's fiction. The possibilities are endless.

Like many women, I like to watch the transformations of a pretty but unexciting looking woman in to a head-turner as portrayed on television. And, over the years, I've watched writer friends re-invent themselves, adjusting to changes in their tastes, their needs, the market.

I wonder what would happen if I re-invented myself, not physically (though that is tempting), but emotionally, mentally, spiritually. The idea is an intriguing one. Would my new self find untapped talents and heretofore un-discovered courage? Would that new self find the strength to forgive those who wronged me? Would I give more generously of my time and means with a fresh store of unselfishness and compassion?

This I know for sure: makeovers are possible with the help of the Savior.

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  1. I love the results of His makeovers, just not always the process!