Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 50, February 23

Today is my daughter Alanna's birthday.

Alanna is more than a daughter. She is also my friend. In many ways, she is "older" than I am, in her life experience, in her wisdom, in her talents. She has skills and strengths I will never have.

As I watch her care for her family, her sweet husband and two children, I feel my heart burst with pride and love. She works full time and still finds time to volunteer, in the community, in her church.

Mothers and daughters typically have their ups-and-downs during the teenage years. Alanna and I were no exception. We fought. We cried. We made up. And we may do so again.

This I know for sure: Alanna brings joy to my life in ways no other can.


  1. Thanks Mom for these lovely words. I'm glad we're behind the teenage years. LOL And I'm glad we are friends as adults.

  2. I think most of us are glad we're past the teenage years! Daughters are a special kind of sister.